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Vision + Transformation

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Brief descriptions of the components of this power pendant are listed below, this is a very brief overview and surely these elements have deeper or different meanings to each of you and you honor them in various ways that serve you the best.

Owl- Can see in the dark metaphorically and physically, is connected with intuitive knowledge and wisdom as well as announcing change.

Tourmaline Crystals- Grounding, provide protection, transfer positive energy, channel healing and purify negative thoughts.

Mugwort - Feminine in nature, associated with the moon, aids in cultivating lucid and prophetic dreams as well as being a potent healing plant.

Phases of the Moon- The moon and her phases represent the sacred feminine, cycles of life and our connection to the cosmos and how we can work with the powers beyond our physical selves.

This pendant is cast in the NYC out of Recycled Raw Brass. It comes on a 20 inch 14/20 Yellow Gold-Filled Long Box Chain which is fabricated in the USA as well.

I am working on sustainability within my business which is why I mention where the component are from and what they are made of. Being transparent about my sourcing and sharing it with my customers is really important to me and key in how I am growing my business. Thank you fro making it all possible!!

BRASS w/ 14k gold-fill chain:
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Transformation + Vision front.jpeg
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