Galactic Visionary Set

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The Visionary  Hanging in a protective force field of metal is a cleared quartz crystal and an invitation to charge it with the intention that you desire to carry with you and bring in to the world.

The Galactic Chariot  An interstellar vessel to hold your intention and see it safely through its journey from idea, through creation, to fruition.

Necklaces are offerd in brass and sterling silver on either red or black nylon cord. The Galactic Chariot necklace has the option of Turquoise or faceted black Spinel accent beads. The necklaces are tied adjustable knots which allow them to slide over your head and wear at a variety of lengths.  The two pieces really shine as a set and I highly recommend wearing them as such.

Pendant and accent charms designed by Nikki Jacoby and cast in NYC out of 100% recycled metals. Necklace hangs on nylon cord and fastenes with an adjustable slip knot. Quartz crystals are sourced from the Coleman mine in Arkansas. 

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This collection came together to represent an ongoing conversation about what holds us on our journey from intention to fruition. When we work with clear intention, we become vessels of truth and we begin to change consciousness at our own will, weaving together lives that hold us and allow us access to our highest self. 

Wear these pieces in power. Walk with clear intention. Manifest the vision. Share it with the world. 
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