The Nectar

Nikki Jacoby Jewelry is created by teasing the nectar out of metal, bringing it to life and creating an emotion.  The collections range from big brass door knocker earrings to heirloom hair combs and and modern day talismans.  Jewelry has always been very personal for designer Nikki Jacoby, she received her grandmother's collection before she passed along with stories of each piece which set a foundation for the special role that adornment can play in our lives.  It is our goal to create little bit of personal history, a story that captures a moment in time.  We aim to share something special that is of high quality and will last to pass on to the next generation or friend. 

Consciously Crafted

Each piece is carefully crafted beginning with the research and drawing process,  a few seemingly unconnected themes with common threads are woven together to create a cohesive collection.  From there a variety of metalsmithing techniques are used to bring the sketches to life.  Ancient forms of working with the materials are utilized as well as a little bit of new technology to make our lives a little easier. 


We are dedicated to sourcing materials as responsibly as possible.

All cast pieces are made from recycled metals

The sheet brass we use is 75 percent recycled material

All findings are sourced from the USA

We responsibly dispose of tumbling compounds used in the finishing process

All packaging boxes are made from recycled materials

Wholesale packaging is compostable